Engagement Session - Daniel & Sally

I had an opportunity to share an afternoon with an amazing couple, Daniel and Sally, to help document their new life together.  The days leading up to the photo shoot was gloomy with heavy showers that are all too common these days. It was going to be hit and miss and in fact my drive to the location up in Georgina was met with uncertain weather as the sky looked heavy and dark with clouds.  Just as I arrived within a 5km radius of my destination, the pavement was soaked from a heavy rain that had obviously just fell, yet through it all, the sun began to peak through what were now scattered clouds!  My hopes were up and I was getting excited to meet Daniel and Sally to begin our session!  The day became perfect!

Sally came prepared with some cute home made signs that read, "Mr. Right", and "Mrs. Always Right - to be".  And with that, please enjoy a few of their images.