Photo meetup groups

Like most photographers, I always think about photography. If I'm not shooting I'm thinking about what kind of images I want to make, or I'm learning new techniques and testing them out. I keep honing my skills and continue to develop and evolve my style. It's always fun, but sometimes feels a bit isolating too. Photographers like to talk shop. It helps to share ideas and ask questions with like-minded people. But mainly it's so we know we are not going crazy with this obsession, or at least not alone it in. 

Last month I joined a local Meet Up group called Adventures with Photography & Documenting Your Life. :) .  The organizer is enthusiastic Giulia Ciampini and she's been great! Below is some of us at the end of the Seaton Hiking Trail in Whitevale. Yours truly is in the black vest about the get pummelled by a monopod!